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The OpSourced Story

OpSourced was founded in Savannah, Georgia as a hosting and managed operations company named Rails Machine back in 2006. We built a fun little company solving big and interesting problems in the Ruby on Rails Community, and had the chance to work with a lot of great startups with incredibly talented teams. Our primary goal has always been to build and maintain world class highly available and scalable infrastructures, so that our customers can iterate faster, sleep more soundly, and focus each day on what's most important: Their Business.

As Rails Machine we helped over a hundred small businesses and startups with their Infrastructure automation, daily operations, deployment, monitoring, and alert response. Providing maximum availability for their infrastructures and intervening on their behalf 24x7, 365 days per year. Many of these companies grew to the point where it made sense to transition to in-house DevOps Engineers, some were Acquired by larger organizations, and others stil work with us to this day. This experience across numerous applications has provided a wealth of Operations experience, knowledge, and tooling that have proven invaluable for our customers and their teams.

After talking to our friends and colleagues in the industry, we realized that our services could also help startups outside of the Rails community we've come to cherish. So we decided to offer our unique Consulting, Managed DevOps, and DevOps-as-a-Service services to customers of all shapes and sizes around the globe, regardless of tech stack or hosting preference.

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