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Accelerate the adoption of DevOps practices within your organization or let our team of DevOps experts manage your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


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Mission Statement

To cultivate a small team of skilled and devoted DevOps Engineers capable of providing a fanatical level of support for our customers. Then using that team to build and support highly available, scalable, and reliable infrastructures and automation that our customers can use to iterate as often and with as little friction as possible.


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The OpSourced Story

OpSourced was founded in Savannah, Georgia as a hosting and managed operations company in 2006. Since then we've helped to support hundreds of applications, teams, and their infrastructures. This experience provided a wealth of Operations experience, knowledge, and tooling that have proven invaluable for our customers and their teams. That experience coupled with our Partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform make us uniquely skilled to help you build, manage, deploy, and scale your application faster and more reliably than ever. We offer our unique Consulting, Managed DevOps, and DevOps-as-a-Service models to customers around the globe.

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