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Kubernetes Consulting

Accelerate your migration to Kubernetes

The OpSourced Team can help your organization migrate to Kubernetes and adopt DevOps best practices around the provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and management of your Kubernetes clusters. Once your Kubernetes migration is completed, we can train your team on the day to day management and operations, or you can retain our Managed DevOps services for ongoing support. Our Managed DevOps Services will help take the operations and infrastructure management burden of Kubernetes off of your team, and allow them to concentrate on building your business. Here are just a few of the benefits of our Managed Kubernetes implementations:

Managed Kubernetes

We can supercharge your container deployment ecosystem with your preference of AWS EKS or Google's GKE managed Kubernetes clusters.

Configuration Management

We will work with your team to build out the version controlled configuration management and associated Helm Charts to provision, track, and manage the infrastructure and essential services for your Kubernetes enabled applications, and customize workload configurations for the unique needs of your business.

Scale Effortlessly

Leveraging the power of modern Kubernetes architecture and automation, you'll scale effortlessly up and down to meet the demands of your end users, while saving money during off peak hours.


We'll help to monitor and manage all aspects of your infrastructure. All of our provisioned clusters are configured with monitoring using cloud specific tooling, along with Prometheus, Grafana, and AlertManager to provide maximum visibility right out of the gate. Logs are passed to the aggregator of your choice for safe and easy access when it matters most.

Alert Response

Our team will monitor the health of your application and the underlying infrastructure 24x7x365, springing into action on your behalf if anything looks out of the ordinary or during an unplanned outage.

Disaster Recovery

We can help to provision and maintain a Disaster Recovery Cluster in a location and cloud provider of your choice. And in the event that the worst happens to your primary provider - we'll be ready to get you back online as fast as possible.

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