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Experienced platform as a service engineers
Platform engineering as a service
Experienced Platform As A Service Engineers

Platform Engineering As A Service

Improve Your Current Workflow or Start your DevOps Transition

OpSourced works to provide your organization with Platform Engineering and DevOps services, best practices, and automation catered to your needs to help you more quickly improve, adopt, and maintain solid DevOps best practices for years to come. Once your DevOps services have been set up, we can train your team on the day-to-day operations, or take over management as part of our Managed DevOps Services. We build out the Configuration Management, Provisioning Automation, CI/CD, and comprehensive monitoring, scaling, logging, and alerting, all rolled into a tidy package deal. The end product is a fully secure and automated process for your team to build, manage, deploy, and scale your application faster and more reliably than ever!

Platform Engineering Experts

Working with OpSourced as your Platform Engineering services provider, you’ll have access to our entire team of knowledgeable DevOps Experts. Our team will work alongside yours through the whole process. You’ll get to know them by name, and they’ll be there to answer any questions and assist with daily operational questions and tasks.

Configuration Management

We’ll create a version controlled configuration management package around your infrastructure and its unique environments. You own all the work starting day one and can track our progress as we design and build or improve upon your existing infrastructures..

CI / CD Pipelines

We’ll create deployment pipelines to meet your business and team’s needs for each environment. We can also help find ways to improve your workflow to help your team iterate independently, faster, and with more confidence.

Environment Workflows

We will build out the environments and automation you need for your existing workflows and introduce improvements. We start with Dev, Staging, and Production and can also create Disaster Recovery and Sandbox environments that are practical and empowering to your team.

Logging, Monitoring, & Alert Response

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a comprehensive logging, monitoring, and alerting regimen that has proven invaluable to our customers. We will evaluate your needs and build out the perfect combination for your goals!

Managed DevOps

Once we’ve completed your Platform-Engineering-as-a-Service transformation, you’ll be eligible for our Managed DevOps Services, where we take operational responsibility over your infrastructure so your team can focus entirely on your business! We’ll handle your daily operational tasks along with a 24x7x365 monitoring and alert response while you use the advantages of platform engineering to reduce costs.

Clouds & Tools

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Benefits of Consulting Platform Engineering Services

Outsourcing your DevOps and Platform Engineering needs to a DevOps Consulting company is a cheaper alternative to hiring a full-time DevOps engineer and allows your team to focus on your projects while our experienced professionals get to work.

OpSourced has over 15 years of experience working in Platform Engineering, DevOps Services, and Consulting. (even before DevOps had a name!)

All OpSourced DevOps and Platform Engineers are fully HIPAA certified and undergo background checks, security, and compliance training.

Working with OpSourced's Platform Engineering Consultants

  • STEP 1 Consultation
    We schedule a phone call to discuss your needs, issues, goals, strategies, and resource availability.
  • STEP 2 Discovery
    OpSourced is given access to view your environments, or (after signing a mutual NDA) we schedule a second call with your engineering teams to walk through the current state of your infrastructure, DevOps practices, and strategies.
  • STEP 3 Scope of Work
    We create a scope of work with details about work to be done, including time estimates, responsibilities and requirements for both teams, deliverables, and expectations for start and completion dates.
  • STEP 4 Plan of Action
    Once the Scope of Work is signed and the deposit is paid, the plan of action goes into effect, and work is scheduled.
  • STEP 5 Communication
    A shared slack channel is created so our engineers can coordinate with your team in real time as they begin work.
  • STEP 6 Deliverables
    The itemized deliverables are presented and environments are provisioned and turned over to the customer for testing and requests for revision.
  • STEP 7 Final Handoff
    Punchlist items are resolved and the final handoff of deliverables occurs or migration to new environment(s) are scheduled and performed.
  • STEP 8 Next Steps
    Customer takes ownership or rolls over to Managed DevOps for ongoing support and Operational Responsibilities are assumed by the OpSourced team.

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Platform Engineering as a Service is how we refer to the initial build out of everything you need to adopt and maintain DevOps best practices or improve existing practices in your organization. It includes the Configuration Management, Provisioning Automation, CI/CD, and comprehensive monitoring, logging, and alerting, all rolled into a tidy package deal. The end product is a fully secure and automated process for your developers to build, manage, deploy, and scale your application faster and more reliably than ever!

  • DevSecOps Managed Services are the same as our DevOps Managed Services. Your infrastructures are mantained by our team, prioritizing security and availability in all workflows, and maintaining secure and compliant environments and automation to help your team focus on your business!

  • OpSourced is a small company where you can get to know your engineers personally and work alongside them just like they were full-time employees. We truly become your Operations team, as opposed to the nameless, faceless customer service technicians at the “big box” providers.

  • Every implementation is different, and we meet and discuss customer needs, issues, and future goals before formulating a customized plan and pricing. We bill on an hourly basis with a flat fee with special rates for after-hours needs. However, the cost of hiring our entire team is always less than the cost of hiring 1x in-house engineer.

  • We’re based on the East Coast of the U.S., but have team members around the globe and work well with customers in almost any time zone.

  • We’ve been building and maintaining world-class infrastructures since 2006 and have worked alongside over a hundred different teams and their applications. We’ve seen technologies come and go and have adapted to stay current with best practices in the business along the way.

  • During onboarding or project-specific consulting, you will have a primary or lead engineer on the initial project. Once the implementation or project is completed, a knowledge transfer and documentation process will transition that support to our entire team - so that anyone can dive in and help as needed. You’re never limited as to who can help.

  • We do! As a Managed DevOps customer, we take operational responsibility for your application’s infrastructure 24x7x365. Our dedicated team will be notified in the event that any of our comprehensive monitoring and alerting metrics are reporting out of the ordinary or the application or individual services stop responding for any reason. We’ll dive in and intervene on your behalf, doing anything we can to resolve the issue and get you back online. Then we’ll formulate a plan on how we can help prevent that issue from happening again.

  • We use only well-supported and stable tooling, defaulting to open source unless the client has a preferred commercial tool. From day 1, all work we perform is pushed to repositories owned by our customers and is solely their property. We never want to gatekeep or prevent our customers from being able to transition to in-house DevOps resources or self-manage, so we design and build everything using well-documented tooling and industry-standard best practices.

  • No, the customer owns all infrastructure in public clouds from day one and is billed directly for those resources on their own accounts and preferred billing methods. We are only given access to the customer-owned accounts to manage on your behalf. Our managed services are billed individually each month, as we strive for transparency and never want to give the impression we’re “marking up” other’s services or tooling.

  • We’re flexible! By default, we work month-to-month with clients, but contract lengths can be leveraged for discounts on monthly services.

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