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15+ years of experience

as a Service

A complete package to help kickstart or accelerate the adoption of DevOps practices in your organization.

The OpSourced Team will provide your organization with a complete DevOps Automation Services package catered to the needs and workflow of your team to help you more quickly adopt and maintain solid DevOps Best Practices for years to come. With DevOps-as-a-Service you get:

Knowledgable Experts

Access our entire team of knowledgable DevOps Experts. Our team will work alongside yours throughout the entire process. You'll get to know them by name, and they'll be there to answer any questions and assist with daily operational questions and tasks.

CI/CD Pipelines

We'll build out the deployment pipelines to meet your business and team's needs for each environment. Additionally we can help find ways to improve on your workfow to help your team iterate faster and with more confidence.

Environment Workflows

We will build out the environments and automation you need for your existing workflow and make improvements where possible. We start with Dev, Staging, and Production, but also can create Disaster Recovery and Sandbox environments that are practical and empowering to your team.

Configuration Management

We'll build out a complete version controlled configuration management package around your infrastructure and its unique environments. You own all the work starting day one and can track our progress as we design and build, or improve upon your existing infrastructures.

Logging, Monitoring, & Alerting

Over the years we've cultivated a comprehensive logging, monitoring, and alerting regimen that have proven invaluable to our customers. We will evaluate your needs and build out the perfect combination for your goals!

Managed DevOps

Once we've completed your DevOps transformation, you'll be eligible for our Managed DevOps Services where we take operational responsibility over your infrastructure so your team can focus on your business! We'll handle all your daily operational tasks and 24x7x365 alert response.

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