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DevOps Experts

Accelerate the adoption of DevOps practices within your organization or let our team of DevOps experts handle your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


AWS Partner

As part of the Amazon Partner Network our AWS Certified Team members provide unparalleled consulting and support to your critical services on AWS!

Google Partner

As part of the Google Partner Network our Google Certified Professionals have a wide range of expertise and a demonstrated record of customer successes.

The OpSourced Story

OpSourced was founded in Savannah, Georgia as a hosting and managed operations company in 2006. Since then we've helped to support hundreds of applications, teams, and their infrastructures. This experience provided a wealth of Operations experience, knowledge, and tooling that have proven invaluable for our customers and their teams. That experience coupled with our Partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform make us uniquely skilled to help you build, manage, deploy, and scale your application faster and more reliably than ever. We offer our unique Consulting, Managed DevOps, and DevOps-as-a-Service models to customers around the globe.

Customer Testimonials


Service from
a Skilled Team.

The transition to high availability made me nervous, but OpSourced's Site Reliability Engineers spent time assuring me it was going to be okay and explained how we would roll back if something happened. Then the first time we switched over it worked just fine and was an overall very smooth transition.

Terrell Miller


Built to
Grow with
Your Business.

We quadrupled our monthly traffic and haven't had to change almost anything in architecture because we built it the right way from the beginning thanks to OpSourced's help. The architectural decisions that we collaborated on in the beginning have held up for years, and have allowed us to focus on new features instead of redoing existing work in infrastructure to get to the next level.

Bobby Uhlenbrock

Everything But the House

We've got
Your Back.

I see OpSourced as our outsourced DevOps team. We use OpSourced instead of an internal operations person because we don’t need a full time internal operations person. The majority of the time the app just runs. But it is worth it to us to spend the money on a team that is very knowledgable and is there when we need them. They are truly what make me feel comfortable getting to go on vacation once in a while.

Marc Leglise

Engineering Manager

of Mind

It's all about peace of mind, I don't have to worry about our infrastructure, it's just a conversation away.

Jon Druse

Director of Engineering
W+R Studios

A Partner with
Experience you
can trust.

When our first product began to gain traction in 2006, we quickly realized we needed a partner that could help us scale while providing operations support. We chose Rails Machine/OpSourced and since then they have freed us up to focus on managing and developing our products.

Tom Rossi

Higher Pixels

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