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What is Managed DevOps and Why Do You Need It?

by : OpSourced Support Team
August 15, 2023

DevOps can be a confusing term to understand and even more difficult to start implementing into your business. The idea of starting your company’s DevOps journey from scratch may seem overwhelming.

There are a lot of different ways to go about the DevOps implementation process. The DevOps journey could add a lot to your team’s existing workload. Consulting services can help with this by taking on the DevOps implementation workload for your team.

If you’re interested in starting your DevOps journey but aren’t sure where to start on your own, contact OpSourced today. Our Managed DevOps services can handle the operations and infrastructure management for your team and allow them to stay focused on your work.

What Is Managed DevOps?

Managed DevOps goes further than helping you set up your infrastructure. DevOps Consulting services get your DevOps infrastructure up and running, but typically stop there.

With Managed DevOps, we’ll continue to work with you after the initial setup to help keep your infrastructure running. Our engineers can take over full operational responsibility, which allows you to continue to use and improve your applications without adding any additional workload to your team.

Benefits of Managed DevOps

Managed DevOps services can offer a lot of benefits for your business. It can help and improve your business and your employees while limiting any potential added stress to your employees trying to learn to use your new DevOps-integrated applications.

Access to Expertise
With a DevOps consultant, you can work with someone with DevOps experience. Our DevOps engineers are experienced with a variety of cloud platforms, meaning you’ll be able to work with someone who already has experience with your chosen cloud platform.

No Staffing Investment
When you choose to work with a consultant over an in-house engineer, you are able to save money. Hiring an experienced DevOps consultant is less expensive than hiring a full-time team member.

Free Up Internal Resources
Working with a third-party consultant frees up internal resources by allowing your team to continue working on projects for your business while we keep your infrastructure running smoothly. Your team won’t get the added load of DevOps-related work but will get to benefit from DevOps in your infrastructure and applications.

Infrastructure Evaluation
An important part of our Managed DevOps service is the infrastructure evaluation. Our engineers will continually monitor and evaluate your infrastructure. With this feature, we can propose improvements to your infrastructure based on industry standards and best practices.

Team Augmentation
Having a DevOps engineer available for anything you need or might come up with means they are flexible to work with you on any project. With Managed DevOps, one of our engineers can work on any backlogged DevOps tasks that your team doesn’t have the time for. A DevOps engineer working with your team can help important new projects get done without interrupting your team’s workflow.

Team Training
Our engineers can also help train your team on DevOps updates, how to use them, and help them feel comfortable with any change to your system. They’ll be available to answer any questions and help your team understand any DevOps developments and changes.

Learn More About Managed DevOps

Managed DevOps can provide a variety of benefits to businesses. For businesses struggling to implement DevOps into their daily operations, a consultant is a cost-effective and safe way to jump-start your DevOps use.

Having a DevOps expert available and on hand to implement any changes or work on issues that may arise while allowing them to continue improving your system and keep it up to industry standards.

If you’re interested in the benefits of your business, you can start working with a DevOps consultant today. Our Managed DevOps service is ideal for a business that’s looking for a more involved DevOps consulting experience.

Contact OpSourced today to learn more about how we can help your business with our Managed DevOps service.

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