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Why Should I Hire a DevOps Consultant like OpSourced

by : OpSourced Support Team
February 15, 2023

If your business has more involved technology needs, you’ve probably heard about how DevOps can help your business run more smoothly. Using DevOps creates an efficiency that can improve workflows and guide developers toward streamlined automation.

With these benefits, it’s safe to say that every software development team should be using DevOps. Because of how complicated the DevOps implementation process can be, many businesses choose to hire DevOps consultants to bring DevOps to their business. Working with a DevOps consultant allows your team to keep working on other projects and brings expertise to your business, which keeps your productivity high and future problems at bay.

OpSourced is an experienced DevOps consulting company. Our engineers have worked on hundreds of applications and infrastructures. With our DevOps Consulting Services, our experts can take on any project you need, optimizing your current infrastructure or building a brand new infrastructure with the associated automation.

What Is a DevOps Consultant?

A DevOps consultant is someone who is experienced with DevOps best practices, has a deep understanding of the technical stack and essential services, and can help implement those practices into your business efficiently. The implementation of DevOps should be gradual and controlled to minimize issues your team might have throughout the process.

A DevOps expert consultant should help guide you through the implementation process, but not all DevOps consultants will go above and beyond for their clients or have experience with a wide range of applications and tech stacks to help solve your unique problems. At OpSourced, our reliable consultants work alongside your team to train them how to use the new workflows and help answer any questions they may have.

At OpSourced, you get the benefit of our DevOps consultants’ extensive experience working on many implementations over time. We’ve systemized how to implement DevOps to avoid common errors and pitfalls because we’ve encountered all kinds of different challenges with our clients. Unlike a single-person in-house team that’s learning while they implement, our team has the experience to know what needs to be done and how to do it to implement DevOps smoothly and quickly.

DevOps consultants typically work with an organization until practices are fully implemented, and the team understands the processes. If you are looking for something more hands-on, we also offer Managed DevOps Services, where one of our DevOps experts continues working with your team to take the burden of managing operations and infrastructure off your shoulders.

DevOps Consulting Process

The DevOps consulting process begins with assessing your current infrastructure and internal resources and discussing what you want to accomplish with DevOps and how you would like it to work.

Once we understand what you’re looking for, our DevOps engineers will start building out a system tailored to meet your needs. While we are working on your infrastructure, our engineers will be available to you in real time through Slack. This allows our engineers to coordinate with your team and stay on top of your needs.

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Using DevOps can transform your business’s infrastructure, workflows, and security, but implementation can be difficult and costly in the time it takes your engineers or developers offline. Implementing DevOps into an infrastructure requires a deep understanding of the concepts and logistical challenges. A DevOps consultant can offer this knowledge and expertise and help create a streamlined process to implement DevOps painlessly into your business.

We know taking the first step towards incorporating DevOps in your business practices can be stressful, and that’s why we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. OpSourced is an experienced and reliable DevOps consulting company with only the best engineers and services to offer.

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