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Moving Infrastructure to the Cloud Sooner is a Good Idea

by : OpSourced Support Team
July 24, 2023

Cloud computing allows for on-demand access to your resources, servers, data storage, and tools through the internet from a remote data storage center. Moving to the cloud provides a lot of benefits to businesses, such as increased flexibility and easier collaboration.

Moving applications to the cloud sooner rather than later means you can benefit from cloud-based servers and managed services faster. You’ll have access to greater resources and can start improving your business and meeting new goals faster. However, moving from an on-premise infrastructure to cloud services can be complex, and there are many migration methods to choose from.

The on-premise to cloud migration process may seem daunting, and rightfully so, but a DevOps consulting company can take care of the move for you so you can get the benefits of cloud computing without having to deal with the stress of migration yourself. OpSourced is an experienced and trustworthy DevOps consulting and cloud migration company that can help you with any sized DevOps project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with data migration and cloud solutions.

Benefits of Moving From On-Prem To Cloud Infrastructure

Cost Savings
Cloud computing offers the scalable computing power of large servers, which means investing less in hardware while still receiving the benefits of improved systems. Using cloud servers requires less energy to be invested into equipment maintenance and overhead, which can help reduce your costs. Moving to a cloud-based server also allows you to reduce your physical data storage, which can help you save on the cost of space and hardware needed to store your data.

Moving to the cloud is ideal for growing businesses with fluctuating traffic demands. Cloud providers have easily scalable servers because the hardware is available to be used as needed. Your business will be able to grow and meet changing demands quickly without requiring you to spend the time and money required to purchase new servers and set them up when scaling is necessary.

Security and Disaster Recovery
Security and disaster recovery is an essential part of all businesses. It can be difficult for smaller businesses to have the robust security and disaster recovery system that they would like because of the cost. Cloud servers give businesses of any size access to their security and disaster recovery set-up. Cloud providers have their own disaster recovery systems set up that provide security to all users. Using off-site servers also gives businesses access to increased security measures. All data is backed off-site, reducing the potential for hackers, viruses, and other cybersecurity problems. With modern cloud providers having multiple regions, it’s easier than ever to achieve these kinds of redundancies without substantial associated costs.

Access and Collaboration
Moving from an on-premise data center to the cloud allows users to access data and applications from anywhere at any time. This gives employees the ability to collaborate wherever they are. Employees can work more collaboratively by simultaneously syncing, working, and sharing documents and records.

Why Choose OpSourced For Cloud Migration Services

There are many companies you could choose to work with to help you with cloud migration services or even decide to do it yourself. Our team at OpSourced has extensive experience helping companies move from physical, on-prem servers to cloud solutions and cloud data centers.

Unlike other cloud migration partners, we ran our own data center for decades before moving our clients to other cloud solutions. Our team has experience setting up public and private cloud systems and moving data to the cloud across many different companies, applications, and geographies.

When choosing your cloud migration vendor, it’s a good idea to choose one that has experience working with systems like your existing system and a deep understanding of how to design a migration strategy customized to your needs. Maintaining uptime and dynamic data during the migration can be a make or break for your company. Our team can help you make the move to the cloud as smoothly as possible.

Start Moving To The Cloud Today

Moving to the cloud can help improve your business in a variety of ways. The sooner you move to the cloud, the faster your business can benefit from the cloud providers. Cloud servers can help provide solutions to your IT needs, especially as your business grows and your IT needs get more complicated.

OpSourced can help make your migration to the cloud as smooth as possible with a customized cloud migration strategy and help you get familiar with your new infrastructure setup. Contact OpSourced today to learn more about how migrating to the cloud can improve your business.

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